July 19, 2013


Necklace: $16.90 | Bracelet: $16.90 | Belts: $19.90 | Blazer: $35.00 | Top: $12.00 (on sale) | Pants: $29.90 | Grand total: $130.60

As a mom I often have a limited amount of time to go shopping. Aaron works most weekends and I work all week so that leaves me about 2 hours to shop after going home to have a family dinner. 2 hours is hardly enough time to shop-hop so I usually look around online, pre-shop if you will, throughout the week, then narrow my shopping down to a few go-to stores. Dynamite is one of my absolute favourite places to shop and being that they have such a cute selection, I can find everything I need without having to shop-hop (even though I love to anyways hehe).

I cannot get through life without having a good blazer. My blazer must be versatile, have a beautiful lining, be well constructed, trendy enough but still classic, and it must stand out! Of course having your staple black blazer is a important but having at least one in a different colour is necessary when I want to give my look an extra kick.

I love a good white top. My opinion is that everyone should have a basic white top in their wardrobe especially if they work in an office setting, however it doesn’t have to be that button down white blouse your mother used to wear (nothing wrong with those). You can spice it up with a shear top (with a tank top underneath if see through!!) that you can either wear out or tucked in with a cute belt around the waist of your pants.

Despite what my mother suggest, I do not wear pants that just hang off my body, I like to respectably show my assets no matter where I am so there black skinny pants are perfect, they are by far my favourite pair for work. They are super comfortable and can easily transition from day to night!

Finally, what is an outfit without the proper accessories?! I love to stack bracelet and even stack them on top of my watch to make more of a statement. The right pairing of necklace and wrist wear can really complete your look.