August 31, 2014


Looking like
See the picture above. I am slightly embarrassed at the amount of cleavage, I even lifted my shirt a little and tried to capture a less risque photo but that didn't work. I'm sure you can handle.

Green tea. I would have preferred to fix myself a large mug of coffee, however the Smiths ran out of milk after a Nesquik frenzy happened this morning. I tried black, and while it wasn't bad, I still prefer my coffee with milk. The first few sips were fine however towards the end there was this sweet sour taste. I'm not sure what that means so i'm sticking with tea for now.

I am getting a little antsy for the beginning of school. I love shopping for back to school supplies, however Aaron and I never go "all out." We are pretty practical and this year we only purchased the necessities: a backpack, pencils, scissors, erasers, pencil case, water bottle, lunch bag, lunch containers and hand sanitizer. Once we receive The List, from their teachers we will pick up whatever it is we do not already have.

If you want a funny, lighthearted read, check out this blog where the author compares the back to school shopping of today verses the 70s. READ 

I complete my Human Resources class as of midnight tonight! Then I get a whole week off until I start my other set of classes. Going to school, though online, is still a lot of work but I have learned a great deal at the same time. Hopefully this time next year I will be walking across a stage to pick up my degree!  

Blog stalking
There is a blog that I just started following last week. It's one of those community type blogs that have a few different writers. I find the content to be so entertaining. It is both informative and fun all at the same time. Yummy Mummy 

Hope you have a happy Labor Day!

August 28, 2014


Canadian weather, what a fickle thing. We never really had much of a summer with the constant fluctuation between sunny and warm to cold and rainy. It mostly resembled late spring but after the debacle that was winter I was up for anything that wasn’t deep freeze, snow and ice. I am ready to transition into fall and welcome warm sweaters, leather boots and the start of school!

This year I am looking forward to sending both of my boys with backpacks attached and lunch bags in hand. Lucas is particularly excited to be starting Junior Kindergarten, boasting his “big boy” status to anyone and everyone that will listen. He’s no longer “Little”, once upon a time he had accepted being called “medium” by his older brother, but now he’s “big” and he’s owning it like he should. Parts of me want to grab him and squeeze him and nuzzle him and snuggle him until he begs me to stop but he is growing up.

Joshua? That a whole other bag of craziness! I’m expecting more of him these days. He helps me in the kitchen on the weekends and he helps me with his laundry because one day I will expect him to do it all by himself. He ditched “baby” cartoons and now opts for My Babysitter’s a Vampire and other kid shows that feature teenagers in live action. He will start second grade! There is a benefit to being the first born; I have no desire to baby him for the rest of his life. I welcome his increased independence with a bring it on attitude. After all I have a much smaller human who fills that void for the time being. I wonder if that’s why the oldest child is supposedly “natural leaders” because we as parents are able to let them go with more easy and we are perfectly fine to watch them evolve as we clinging on to our designated baby.
Whether I choose to be ready, whether I ‘m not, it doesn’t matter because it isn’t about me anyways. It’s about them. And if I’m being honest with myself then I would just admit it, they are ready.

August 23, 2014


*from our Ottawa trip two weeks ago*


For the longest while, I had pinned this recipe for Moscow Mules. I had never had one before but the ingredients were simple enough (vodka, ginger beer and lime) so it couldn't hurt to give it a try. I love this drink! It's incredibly refreshing and since it only requires three things, its very quick and simple to make. I'm not the biggest fan of ginger beer, I find it to have too much of a bit, however it really blends well with the lime and vodka. If you find the drink to be too powerful, add less ginger beer. The vodka and lime do a great job at cutting the bitterness.

I feel sort of stalker-ish, but I've been watching a whole bunch of these vlogs today! I love beautiful vlogs and Alycia's are highly entertaining and helpful.

Catching up on
Cleaning! Aaron and I both work full time which means we reserve most of our around-the-house duties for the weekends. With the start of every season I like to do a big clean of the entire house which consists of Aaron and I going through everything and clear out what we no longer need. It gives us a fresh start. Since I consider the first day of school as the commencement of Fall, we will get a head start on our Fall cleaning. Last week we started with cleaned out the front closed, donating old coats and shoes. Next I will be going through the Tupperware draw and getting ride of containers with missing lids, lids with missing containers, chewed up and melted container. 

I am enjoying doing absolutely nothing! This summer was fill with busy weekends. I cannot tell you the last weekend the smith family spent it entirely at home!

Last year, as part of my college writing class, I was assigned Barbara Kingsolver's High Tide in Tuscon and I absolutely loved it. It a compilation book of a bunch of her essays. The are reflective and interesting to say the least. It's a great read especially if you do not have time to invest in a typical novel. Its one of those books that you can pick up, flip to any essay and just read.

August 18, 2014