January 1, 2015


 What do you get when you mix two excited kids, two home bodied parents, some music and a whole barrel of fun??! Well my dear, you get a whole bunch of blurry pictures of the Smith family partying it up on New Years Eve!

When you have children you are suddenly thrust into a world where poppin' bottles and taking shot become a specially occasion rather than a typical Saturday night. Similarly, for me, new years eve is best when drinking champagne while perusing Netflix with Aaron.
This year we orchestrated a pajama dance party complete with fun party lights, confetti, fun hats and an open laptop with 90's dance mix playing in the background. The four of us danced like no one was watching and other than each other, no one was. We were free to let our limbs loose to truly feel the music all while the boys threw back Shirley Temples like no body's business. Before bed we let them unwind with Battleship and a few rounds of Connect 4, then Aaron and I tucked the boys in for the night. As tradition called it, Aaron and I watched some Netflix while drinking "grown up juice."

Ringing in the new year for the Smiths also means saying goodbye to Christmas, because really, it doesn't officially end until January 1st. We dismantled the tree, packed away the ornaments and said goodbye to all things holly, jolly, merry and bright unit next time. In the words on Jon Bon Jovi, I wish every day could be like Christmas, but if it were then I probably wouldn't appreciate those times as much as I do. I can reminisce about magic moments that took place only a few days ago...

So on we go, into a new year! Resolutions? Not this year. I won't be making any resolutions or having a word to live by. I'll just carry on the way I always do.