December 30, 2012


My parents came to visit. The holiday season came and went like a flash as it always, bringing families together with joy filled hearts and laughter fill homes. This year was no different, my parents came to visit for 10 amazing days, days of spoiling for my boys of course. When Grandma and Papa are around Aaron and I don't exist to them but that's kinda how it should be when grandparents visit.

Sunday just seems like the right day to clean one's home. Possible because it's the day where you have a lot of down time but whatever the reason this is the day I choose. I turn the television shows off and put on the sounds of nature while I get to work. I can clean the house front top to bottom, then I will turn my head for two seconds and the boys will have ran through it like a hurricane!

The Holidays are over but the tree is still up. It will remain that way until the new year dawns on us which seems most appropriate for taking down the tree. A new year a new beginning. There is so much I want to do in 2013 as I feel it will be the best year yet but I will save that for another post. Right now I will soak in ever single minute left over from the holidays. 

Weight loss. As January 1st soon arrives I have given some though into my New Years Resolution. I am sure "Losing Weight" is the single more popular resolution for people all over. I am no different, I really want to lose about 20lb and I want to do it all before April so that I can step into summer with the body that I want. Today I start my journey. I have been taking little steps over the last week or so and I have managed to lose 2 pounds just my eating healthier. Now I want to implement a workout routine to get in shape.

We got the boys a Crayola Crayon Maker as part of their shared Christmas gift so since we had so much free time today I decided to bust it out of it's box and let them at it. Joshua chose Red and Purple, Lucas really wasn't up for making a decision other than Blue so I added yellow. I think they turned out really nice and the boys had fun using their multicolored crayons afterwards.

Since my mom was here last night Aaron and I decided to go on a movie date and saw "This is 40." It was scary to see how much we had in common with the characters even those we are only 27/28, sure we've been together for 7 years and married for 5 and we have packed a lot in those 5 years but I never thought we would be like that already. Part of me thinks its endearing while the other side of me thinks it's time to get our act together and start acting like a young couple again.

I am more than excited for our companies upcoming Holiday Party. It's not everyday that I get to slip into a fancy dress, do my hair and put on some makeup for an adult only night out where I get to drink wine while socializing with awesome people. I have two style idea's in mind but I have quite decided and probably wont until I go shopping. First, since the event will be held an old restored theatre now turned hall, I figure I would go classic and get a black laced dress. Then I though I could be a bit more edgie and wear a pair of skinny pants (not like the leggins in the picture, actual pants), a blingy top with a blazer and really play up the accessories. My favourite part will be the shopping of course!

December 25, 2012


Christmas joy filled every corner of our household this morning. The paper we left scattered on the floor, cardboard boxes were flung this way and that way as boys played with their new toys. It was a big ole mess but I loved it, every itty bitty moment!

I loved our Christmas tree down to our old granny style Christmas decorations that were put out this year. I am not ready to pack them away, not just yet. 

I wonder when the amazement of the holiday season will wear off, I don't want it to. I feel like it is now that it has all sunken in. I'm not ready to take down the candles and the angels and the stocking. I want the festivity to live on and on and on. I suppose it will in the form of memories.


December 16, 2012


This Sunday evening Aaron and I busted out the good ole Gingerbread house making kit and let the boys partake in some holiday fun!

I have to tell you that I cannot count the number of times when I cringed every time I saw one of them place a piece of candy on the house that was inconsistant with the beautiful picture on the front of the box. Aaron noticed my discomfort and reminded me, "It's not supposed to be perfect."

He is right. Some things, especially Christmas things as best when they are not perfect but messy, tacky and loved. It shows our family, it shows the boy's ages and it shows our spirit. I should remember that more often and just learn to appreciate the best that can be done. 

December 15, 2012


It seems like we live in a world where all sense of decent humanity has been lost when you hear about the awful things that happen so such innocent people. In moments like these I wonder  "what is our world coming to?" but as I watch a grief counselor on the news last night I clung to her words for a sense of hope. She reminded us that these are rare occurrences. In a world where all hope in humanity seems to be lost I figured I would do a post about all the amazing people there are in the world.

This NY cop help a homeless man by purchasing a pair of boots to cover his bare feet on a cold day. I have always admire the passion and dedication that police officers hold but this goes above and beyond the call of duty.

This young girl who lost her best friend last year from cancer honors her memory while raising awareness about the disease.

Website Photo - Sabrina Article copy

I Just thought this was the cutest thing ever! Read about this flight attendant that comforted this skittish little puppy that was afraid to fly!

Airline Job Calm Down Puppies

When you feel like your hope in humanity is all but lost, look around you. There are strangers praying for strangers as they cry for someone else's pain. We must not give up on each other but show the wicked and cruel of the world that WE will never fall! 

December 10, 2012


 We put our Christmas tree up this weekend over marshmallow hot chocolate and a canister of cookies. We waited until it was dark outside and hung the ornaments with only the light of a dim lamp. The boys helped and yes there were 5 bulbs on one branch but that's the charm of having a family, nothing happens the way you plan but you find the beauty in it all.

This year I want to instill tradition during this holiday season. I want to light candles and bake cookies and spend Sunday evenings with my family as we prepare for the week ahead. I want to cozy up in my winter themed thrown blanket while I nuzzle to the fire (aka, the fireplace channel) while I read a good book since my favorite shows are on hiatus. I want that quiet time every Sunday night this season. I want Christmas to be about family, a loving, sharing, supportive and happy family.