March 17, 2013


If you had the day I did then you are in the mood for a good drink! At several moments during the day I questioned my desire to have that 3rd child while counting down the minutes until bedtime. Currently by boys are soaking in the bathtub, which is my Husband's duty, so that means I can cozy up on the couch with a cocktail and my remote control nearby.

So what is in my cup you ask? Well last week Aaron and I went to Harlem's and we had the privilage of tasting the Harlem Kool Aid. I immediately decided that I had to replicate this drink! My version doesn't taste the exact same but it is pretty darn good. So once it's time to unwind fix yourself a drink!


1 ounce of Melon Liquor
1/2 ounce of Triple Sec
Cranberry Juice

Pour ingredients over ice and enjoy!

March 15, 2013


As spring approached the days get longer and the sun warms us up a little more. I feel the warmth growing, inside and out and it's that growth of everything around me that creates this love inside my heart. In celebration of love on a day that is not Valentines Day, I bring you a few things that make me oh so cozy.

1. I love that particular spot on my desk. The spot that instantly brings me back home and reminds me of the love I have for New Jersey, and if you are from Jersey you will understand why New York is so special to me after all it is simply The City. And when people talk about your city you inwardly smile and say to yourself "Yeah, I know. I grew up there." I can't wait to be there again. I can't wait for summer in The City.

2. The snow has melted! What is not to love about that. I don't feel that there is anything that I can say that would be a true representation of what is in my heart. It's an excitement, and urgancy for seasonal progression and all the warmer weather brings for the smith family.

3. When I ate too much during the day, I keep it simple for dinner and enjoy a naturally sweet smoothie. If you are feeling even slightly flirt, spike it with a bit of triple sec or melon Liquor, yum!

4. A few weeks ago I stopped in at guess and purchased this purse.  I had been looking for something very thin, easy to carry yet large enough to hold my essentials. It comes in a few colours but I could not resist the powder blue, white and lime green. I wanted a punch of colour and this is perfect. I use it as my every day bag and on the days were it wouldn't make sense to carry it a frown a little on the inside.

Now I am off to enjoy another one of my beloved things, television in bed with my husband!

March 13, 2013


This weekend the kids went to grandma and grandpa's so that meant that Aaron and I got to be out an about not having to worry about bored/tired/rowdy little boys.

So for those that don't know, I was born in Canada but spent a good portion of my life (years 9 - 20) in New Jersey where my parents still live. Well Target JUST opened their first store in Ontario, 40 minutes from where I live! It's their pilot store so pretty soon there will be Targets just around the corner from me in only a matter of weeks. On Saturday Aaron and I drove to Milton, Ontario and visited. I would have taken pictures if I were so annoyed by the crowd and lack of merchandise thanks to it being the first satruday since it has opened. You can only imagine the chaos! The line to the checkout was...I am not lying...9 ISLES long! They had to curve the line down into the main isle and it stretch all the way downto number 9!

After Target we went somewhere a little calmer...ikea..and compared to Target, it was calm! Thing was that the Smith family was in desperate need of a new television stand and a coffee table. For both we went with the Hemnes line. We got the larger Hemnes TV Bench with the three drawers in Gray-Brown. I love them! We also got a few decor items from Home Sense to brighten up our the once very brown living room. New red pillows and a yellow picture frame.

We ate dinner, wonderfully delicious Chicken and Waffles from Harlems which is a soul food restaurant downtown. 

We spent the rest of Sunday relaxing until the boys got home. It's nice to be able to do this every once in a while, its also nice to see their little faces when the come back home!