October 26, 2013


What can you tell about a person after touring their home? If done properly you should be able to tell a lot about them. Are they nostalgic? Logical? Are they forward thinkers? Sentimental? Your home should reflect the family living in it, and while the photo's above are not of MY home, they are what inspire me. I love a country rustic home, the only chevron I wish to display will be in the form of a typical afgan knitted blanket. Don't get me wrong, I do love a trendy pattern but it's usually sprinkled here or there and not over killed.

I am dying for a cozy place like this to dine. I don't think I will ever be the dinner party hosting gal, though i love to fantasize about it, so something like a breakfast nook would be a lot more practical for me. I love the pops of red and the dark wood complimenting the white booths. I love the casual buffet table with the wine slots beneath and room on the top for dinner essentials.

What inspires you for your home?

*Buffet table from Pottery Barn

October 20, 2013


Last weekend weekend Aaron and I road tripped it to New Jersey for my 10 year reunion without the boys. They stayed with Aaron's parents for the weekend which gave us the quality time we needed.  The trip from Toronto to New Jersey is always a beautiful one but unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy the country and the Catskills until the trip home as we decided to venture to New Jersey at night. The best part of the whole trip was being able to relax at "home" but of course I did miss being in the backyard and not having the boys there, it was such a beautiful weekend.

October 19, 2013


I wake up in the morning feeling nothing like P. Diddy. Most days it's an inner struggle to retreat from my warm cave of thick comforters and fluffy pillows but I take solace in the fact that waking up at 7:30 am is nothing to complain about. I have become immersed in my kids, my husband, my job and now my education and this had left me with a small portion of time to devote to blogging. I am not apologizing because luckily I don't charge for sponsorship so the number of posts I publish a week/month is really up to me.

Class is going well. I am enjoying learning something new every day and I have fallen in love with Astronomy, so much so that I often recite fun facts to Aaron while we are watching television.  Last week while at my parents house, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and went into the backyard, grabbed a reclining patio chair and hunkered in right in the sun and read my Astronomy text book. I am doing something for myself and for my family. The more I do the more I want to do and that's a great feeling.