November 4, 2012

Weekend of Birthdays

Well look at me, having an event-filled weekend! This usually doesn't happen folks. Most of the time I am sitting on the couch watching cartoons, playing school with Joshua...rather Mr. Smith, running around the house tickling the boys and making a nicer dinner (a dinner that takes longer than 30 minutes to cook).  Not this weekend. This weekend I was out and about!

Friday night my cousin celebrated her birthday at Marche, a restaurants where there are no servers, only people to clean your table. They give you a "credit card" so that you can walk around to all the stations to order food and instead of paying for it up front got getting a bill at the end of the meal they simply charge it to your card and when you check out at the end of the night you pay for your dinner at a cash register. This can be dangerous,  in my normal state I would be going from station to station swiping my card like there was no tomorrow. Thankfully I hate a huge lunch prior to that night so I wasn't really hungry. I order a crepe with strawberries, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top...sooo not huge at all.

The party was held in a private room. The atmosphere so calming and the look of it screamed charm. It resembled a little log cabin and I was seriously starting to consider designing my house to look just like it. I am still contemplating this!

 Here is one of the birthday girl with her boyfriend. He planned the party for her. Aren't they cute?

This was what was left of my crepe before I realized that I should have taken a picture of it. oopsies!

As the weekend continued so did my parting ways! Last night my cousin's wife (I have about 24 first cousins, give or take) had an 80's themed birthday party! How fun right? In my last post I discussed the fact that my business unit at work dressed up in an 80's theme so I got to wear my costume again!

Sunday I spent the whole day just unwinding with the boys. There were super sweet and I enjoyed every minute with them. As I am about to head back to work this week I feel so happy that I got to spend all day doing "nothing" with them. Next weekend I am actually looking forward to doing absolutely nothing!


  1. how fun!!!! i could use a celebration right about now!!
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    fun photos!

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