May 17, 2013


A few years ago I had a dream. One of those long, drawn out vivid dreams that seem almost like a movie but felt more like a memory.  I was in an old city, stone buildings, a center square, water nearby. Just off the coast was a ship half sunk in the water, it was brownish red from the rust and standing on a large rock at the edge of the water was a young girl looking out in at the horizon. The feeling I got from her was loss, sadness, waiting, separation, love.

A few months or so after that dream Aaron, Joshua and I (back when it was the three of us) took a trip up to Kingston because Aaron said it would be fun. I had never been. When I got there my dream hit me and everything I saw I kept thinking to myself  I’ve seen this! I am convinced that I’ve lived in this place before as anyone who truly knows me knows that im a big believer in past lives. It felt and still feels like home.  The only other time I’ve felt like this was when I gave birth to my first son Joshua. There have been people who I’ve met where I have an instant connection and no doubt felt like we had been together before, but not even that has happened to me more than twice.

A few weekend ago, I went back home.



It was a great day trip! The boys were at grandma and grandpas for the weekend so Aaron and I used out time wisely! We really had nothing planned other than to do a haunted walk at Fort Henry (I'd post pictures but iPhone pics at night in a dark fort are of poor quality!). Before the tour was went on boat cruise around the thousand Islands and explored the old city before grabbing dinner. We had an amazing time!

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