June 30, 2013


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A few weeks ago Aaron and I attending a rustic wedding in the quiet town of Caledon Ontario. It was the first time that I had attended a wedding that I wasn't apart of in quit some time and I was looking forward on being able to sit back, relax, drink wine and enjoy myself without the stress honour of tending to anyone.

I absolutely loved the back drop; green all around with a calm stream cutting through. Lush tree's everywhere and not one single sound other than the intimate gathering of friends and family, woodland creatures and the ballads of the live band that played while everyone too their seats.

They says that a woman is the most beautiful on the day of her wedding, such was not the case for myself, but it certainly was for the bride Laile and her now husband Ariel wasn't too bad himself.

Creatively the two of them created the center pieces themself which added to the rustic feel.


The food was amazing! My favourite part of the entire meal was the antipasto appatizer. They gave each table a large platter and we at family style. For some reason I had been and still have been craving antipasto for the longest while so when we were presented with the platter I felt like the luckiest girl on earth!


I simply love weddings! Aaron and I never had a "real" wedding and looking back I glad that we didn't, the money, the time, the effort the stress all for one day. It was never for us. We do however appreciate and enjoy the time we get to spend with a couple that has just begun the rest of their lives. When you think about it, it's truly magic to witness two people committing themselves to each other and no other word but "thankful" come to mind when ponder the fact that we have been invited to witness. Plus it gives Aaron and I a chance to sit still and remember what we vowed to each other and how we once felt while we exchanged those vows. It truly was a wonderful night.

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