February 18, 2013


Breakfast on a Sunday morning. There is nothing else like it, no diner nor restaurant can compare to the warmth and the atmosphere of our family's home.  A diner can never make me feel this whole.

By the way, did you happen to check out those plates and notice that they all match?! If you don't know what I am talking about, take a look over here. I got these babies for free! A college friend of mine recently moved back into town and with her came a crap load of stuff from her old house that she was desperate to get rid of. I walked away with a 18 piece set! 6 dinner plates, 6 bowls and 6 saucers.

"More please!" isn't a request I always here but there is something so simple and nurturing about Sunday breakfast that wants everyone wanting more and the grown up ditch their diets and indulge a little more.

And because we never got to on Valentines day, we baked and decorated cupcakes.

The weather this time of the year is rather depressing. The cold air go through you all the way to your soul, so the only thing you can do to fight it, is to warm it up! After this Sunday, I can definitely say mission accomplished.

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