February 3, 2013


Today is the day that I have come to love the most out of the week.  It seems like Sundays are when I get time to think. I think about life, about what I want out of it, about who I am, who I need to be and  where I am to go.

These days I tend to dream again, like when I was a little girl who used to dream of what life would be like in the "future". I can't say I have done all that I wanted to do or that I am where I thought I would be but being here in this moment makes me smile for a lot of reasons.

Today I thought a lot about thirty. I won't be turning thirty for another 2.5 years but that age means so much to me. I think for me it means growth being that I will dawn on a new decade and I get goose bumps as I realize what that age will bring if everything works out as planned.

I want to own my first home.

I want to have completed my bachelors degree.

I want to be better off financially.

I would love it if we both had new car (or newer).

My boys will be 5 & 8!

I want to fit into myself more.

These days I learning to love every moment finding the beauty in things less desirable and finding the calm in all the chaos.  

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