August 19, 2012


I had a slow weekend. The best kind of weekend.

Aaron's birthday was on Saturday.

The boys prepared on Friday evening by making him construction paper cards and putting them in old gift bags that we had lying round. When Aaron woke in the morning the boys were so enthused about his special day and Joshua didn't even need reminding to say "Happy Birthday Daddy!"

I took him out for a birthday lunch, just me and him. We had been craving our togetherness time for a while. I cannot tell you the last time we actually had a date, but believe me when I say it was too long ago!  We got to spend out much needed time out for his birthday

Aaron's birthday present as a television set for our bedroom so when we got home, the four of us gather in the bedroom watched Ernest Scared Stupid white eat popcorn and cuddling, which was interrupted by spontaneous out bursts of play fighting.

Aaron worked today. I wished he was home but sometimes we works weekends. The boys and I just chilled on the couch, we played, we watched Sunday movies on the television. I broke up fights by separating a crying 2 year old and a very frustrated big brother.

As a working mother, it seems like the weekends are what I live for.

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