August 21, 2012


I miss eager hands in the morning as the little one reaches up for me, clinging to me and not want me to let him go.

I miss him saying “Wherz Josh-oo-EE?” Then we race to JOSHUA’s room where I open the door and he storms in, his feet pitter- pattering all the way to his bed where Joshua waits for him smiling.
I miss my coffee, that I  make in my coffee maker and drink out of my crate and barrel crisp white mugs.

I miss hearing them play…then fight..then play..then fight again. At some point someone cried and I wipe tears away and then at another point I have to kiss something better and hold one or both of them in my arms and cuddle until all is well again.

I miss our walks through the woods.

I miss little feet following me where ever I go.
I miss “play with me mommy,” followed by a monkey-see-monkey doer saying “pay wif me mommy!”

I miss giving unlimited amounts of kisses and squeezes.
I miss eagerly waiting for Aaron to come home with dinner on the table.

I miss the relief I felt when he would take the kids upstairs and give them their bath while I relax on the couch watching a show I PVRed because I now hate watching tv live.
I miss not waiting for weekends.

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