September 5, 2012


It rained all day yesterday.

I spent a good portion of my time at work staring out the window. I watched the clouds roll in thick and dark as the rain pelted the pavement in the parking lot and I felt happy. I felt warm and cozy. I felt like curling up on the couch watching daytime television enjoying a bowl of hearty chili or comforting bowl of soup. I was stuck at work

I missed family time and I miss the weekend.

Aaron I started the weekend off with a dinner and a movie date! We rarely ever go on dates, if we go once a month it's a bonus so we use the time we had to reconnect.

On Saturday my family planned surprise party for my uncle. It was one of those fancy parties at a hall, which gave Aaron and I a chance to get dressed up for a party! We had a blast though, it was great seeing everyone, dancing, eating wonderful food and when we had our fill of that Aaron and I walked along Main Street, which for a suburban town was very lively even at midnight. Have you ever been to a new place, whether you were on vacation or even a stop off on your way to somewhere else while road tripping, and you instantly feel alive, refreshed, like you were home? I loved the town that this Main Street resided, and my heart and soul was overwhelmed with its charm. I have to make this place my home, no matter how much money it will take!


Being that the party of Saturday was a surprise my poor Uncle O has organized a barbeque for himself on that Sunday. The C family would never let a party go to waste so we enjoyed each other's company for another day. The best part of all was that my Father in Law dropped off the boys at my Uncle's house. My heart swelled with joy the moment I saw them! Weekends are big for me since I work full time, so having my entire Saturday spent without them was hard, the good part was that Monday was a holiday, which made up for it!


I spent Monday relaxing with them. I took them to the park and got them ready for Senior Kindergarten and Daycare the next morning. The events of this day will have to be on another post!

*Still doing all of this from my iphone

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