September 20, 2012


Ugh. So let me preface this by saying that I love my husband so much and I appreciate everything that he does because he does do a lot...however, there are two things that I dread asking my wonderfully loving husband to do. What things? Cooking and shopping for clothes for the boys. Now don't get me wrong. Aaron can pick out great thing, if only they were always the right size but sometimes things go haywire.

One thing I do before going shopping for a specific item is to do my homework online. I virtually go from store to store to compare styles and prices so that I can map out my plan of attach for the mall.  The only day I am always able to go shopping sans kids is on Friday after work since I get off early. Aaron had today off so I entrusted him with the task for picking up fall coats for the boys. I even gave him a list of stores that I has researched and found great prices and style for so what does my lovely husband pick up?

You can kind of see in the picture that the material of the coats are slightly shiny/plastic it reminds me of those wind breakers from the 90s. I swear the pictures make the coats looks alright but you need to see them in person, to touch them, to really understand where I am coming from.

Did he go to the store that I suggested? Negative!
Did he spend less money than he would have spent on the coats at the stores I suggested? Negative!

So tomorrow after work, I am high tailing it back to the store he got them from, returning it, the going to the stores on my suggestion list and buy new ones.


Now after writing I feel like I am coming off as that controlling wife who doesn't let her husband do anything but I swear to you I am not...except when it comes to cooking and shopping for clothes for the boys. Other than those two things I am totally laid back, I promise you.

Honestly though? I am making a big deal about the jackets or are are we seeing eye to eye on this one?

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