September 24, 2012


This weekend went by too fast. Way too fast. So fast that want to stretch my arms out to pull myself back so that I can slow down and relive those moments again. I didn't get enough of my cuddly two year old or my sweet and goofy big kid who knows just want to say to make me laugh. I miss them so much and it's only Monday.

My boys are at the stage where the love superhero's. They are captivated by every hold-your-breathe animated action sequence which got me thinking about if I were a superhero, what special powers I would want to have.

If I could freeze time the days would go on forever because I would hit pause every time the two of them did something cute which would be way too often. I would want to look at them in those moments forever, gazing and how beautiful they are, realizing that "this" moment, in its uniqueness will never happen the same way again.

If I could go back in time, I would relive moments like these!

If I had telepathic powers I could constantly send Aaron naughty images and messages during work.  It's different for us though, at least I get to see him during the day but I miss my whole family together at once, all day.

My heart aches sometimes. 

I just miss them!


  1. You have a beautiful family! As the kids get older it does get harder to all get together for a whole day. But you'll always have moments to treasure. I'm just content when we can all sit together at dinnertime and chat about our day.

    I'm visiting from the MMM Hop and I'm now following you via GFC, Twitter, and Pinterest. Hope you'll come visit us too!


  2. It is great when you have a really memorable weekend and wish it did not come to an end. That is how I felt watching my 8 year old boys spas around with his bigger cousins and my 2 year old swim for the first time with a floaty ... it was very liberating for her. I am following you now and like your blog. I would appreciate a follow back and look forward to your next post.

  3. What a sweet post. :) It is difficult starting the week after a wonderful family weekend. I understand. I wish the work week was only 4 days long, and we had 3 day weekends every week!