October 1, 2012


School and work, these are the two places plagued with colds and viruses. I cannot tell you the amount of ear infections and cases of pink eye that have run through our home since my kids initially started daycare. It seemed like every week it was the same thing over and over, taking a sick kid to the doctor just to be once again told it was an ear infection. Joshua had developed a horrendous cough, that seemingly never ended. By the time their stint in daycare was over (temporarily over) Aaron and I could have passed the board with the amount of time's we've seen the doctor. Another bonus of me being a stay at home mom was that things got a whole lot better for my kids health wise. They never got sick.
Now that they are back in daycare and I am at work, I have seemed to develop something, causing me to feel slightly under the weather. Not too sick to stay at home but definitely lousy enough to wish I were at home, or at least had a fold out in my cubical where I could do my work from a reclined position. One thing you should know about me is that I never take medication. Unless I am dying or so infectious that it’s order by a doctor. I usually tough it out and try my various home remedies to cure any ailments. This is what I typically do when I come down with a cold or flu.

1. I take a shot of whiskey/Rum/Scotch. The moment I realize that a cold is coming on I take a shot of something hard and strong! For me it's usually rum or whiskey because that's usually what I have on hand. I have no idea where this old wives tale comes from but it does work for me. Why am I sick, you ask? I am plum out of liquor!
2. Drink a lot of citrus blend. So, we have all heard about drinking orange juice to get your vitamin C, however I have found that a blend is more effective. Apparently lemons are good for detoxing the body which will help to cleanse you of those sickies.
3. Drink some Ginger Tea. Sweeten with honey and squeeze a wedge of lemon in for an added punch. Ginger is loaded with a whole bunch of goodness that helps to alleviate pain from sore throats, helps with nausea, and clears those sinuses. I have had bad luck with this tea up until now! A co-worker recently gave me Ann Instant GingerTea which is pre-sweetened. All you do is add hot water. It was so good. I can drink this when I'm healthy!
4. Chicken soup is good for the soul and your body! I try not to drink the ones that are overly salty, they make me sick, I don't know about anyone else. I do however put a little hot sauce in my bowl! I think the spice clears my stuffiness and a pick a broth soups over anything creamy which personally cause me to feel worse.


5. Fresh air. So after being cooped up in the viral office today I stepped out into the fresh air when and by the time I got home I felt slightly better. Make sure you are nice an bundled so that you don't catch a chill!
After coming home I started to feel better. It seems to come and go in waves which I am grateful for. Now that the kids are in bed I can just lay on the couch and relax and watch mindless television...an maybe a scary movie to kick off the start of Halloween season!


  1. Hi, I found you through the Monday Blog Hop. Looks like we have some things in common. I recently did a post about giving my boys EmergenC in their Gatorade (daily - 1/2 packet in each cup) and a teaspoon of colloidal silver. I got it from Vitamin Shoppe and its helped our immune systems quite a bit.
    *new follower

  2. Why am I sick? you ask. I am plum out of liquor!

    That made me laugh like a hyena!

    I love Trader Joe's Dynamo juice when I have a cold (like I did last week). It's a great citrus blend - pineapple, orange, lemon, etc. Feels like it clear the junk in my throat with one swallow.

    (Thanks for linking up to The Parent 'Hood!)