October 7, 2012


a little background: Thanksgiving for us Canadians takes place this Monday October 8th. 

Last year I started a tradition with my family that I call Mini Thanksgiving (MT)! Normally we would have held MT a week before Thanksgiving weekend, however since Aaron has been working weekends for the last month or so, yesterday was the only day we were able to have our dinner. I have a large extended family and whenever we get together it's great, we have a blast laughing and reminiscing about "the good ole days" but sometimes I long for a holiday celebration with the boys, Aaron and I. For me "stillness" are moments that I thrive on; moments when the house is quiet but everyone is awake and we are all enjoy each others company over a wonderfully prepared dinner. Sometimes I just want to enjoy the 4 of us.

I spend a good week or so planning what I would prepare. I thought that I wanted to do something fancy; less traditional but I ended go with the same meal as last time, a roasted chicken, candied yams, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and a salad. For a roasted chicken I always use Ina Gartens recipe because comes out perfect every single time. Usually I leave out the fennel because but this time I tried it and it was lovely!

A head of garlic, a wedge or two of lemon and a bunch of thyme goes up the bird...this step must not be skipped!

I wish I had the chance to take more pictures, but I started on this right as I got home from work and I was so busy that really I would forget to take more during the process. I admit that not all my meals are blog worthy, but MT was pretty good and the boys thought so too!



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