October 22, 2012


This weekend the kids went to grandma and grandpa's house!

Usually when the boys back up their little suitcases with looks of excitement and joy washing over their tiny faces, I tend to feel an itch of what I call the I-miss-my-babies blues, however, I was so ready to have a solid weekend of alone time with my husband that I was so frigging excited. Oddly I feel guilty for admitting that, as if as a mother we are never suppose to feel excitement when you kids leave you, but I know I can't be the only one out there that feels this way from time to time, especially since the last date you had been on with your husband was when you went to see The Dark Knight Rises.

 Aaron and I got to act like a young couple again, we were carefree (for the most part) and spontanious, no checking in with babysitters or any of that nonsense, we were young. Sometimes we forget how young we really are. When I am juggling two kids, homework, parent teacher meetings, work, bills and all that grown up stuff our age get's lost in all of that. We are probably the youngest parents out of all of the parents in Joshua's class, but that is a whole other blog post!

On Saturday the boys went with the grandparents. Aaron and I got some "oh my dayum" good Five Guys burgers. We watched Paranormal Activity 4, against the advice of critics and indecisive public reviews, I say it was aight! After that we enjoyed dinner at an all you can eat Sushi restaurant. What I didnt realize is that for ever leftover piece of sushi on your plate you get charges $2!! Aaron and I shoveled down salmon and white fish down our throats! We were stuffed.

Sunday the husband and I left the city!


We ventured off to Niagara Falls which we have dubbed as "Our Place".


This is definitely our "go to" destination because there is just so much to do here. I must also mention that the fall colours were absolutely amazing here!


Apart from viewing the falls, we stoppin off at the Hersey store where I got some peanut butter chocolate fudge! the aroma coming from that place was abolutely heavenly. We also picked up a gift for the boys so that they would know that we were thinking about them on our time away.

Clifton Hill is amazing. It reminds me of The Shore, yes the Jersey Shore that I use to frequent when I was living at home. There are games, rides, haunted houses, gift shops..and yes a t-shirt shop!

Not to mention that every where you look, there is a spectacular view of something.


After that we drove back to the Toronto area and went to the movies again but this time we watch something that was adored by both critics and fans, we watched Argo (I highly recommend it). We grabbed a drink and some wings at a local restaurant and sat in the bar section, you know the section where Aaron and I would never bring the little ones? Yea! we sat there!

The great thing about having a whole weekend to ourselves was that we got to focus on only "us" again and remind each other why we got married in the first place, cause lets face it...marriage isn't always rainbows and unicorns.

Today  Aaron and I were both give the day off from work so we slept in, then grabbed some lunch at the new PF Changs that opened in our area. Yes I know, this place has been around in the States for a while but this is the first one in Ontario and probably all of Canada for that matter.

After that we did a little grocery shopping sans kids. It's funny how it feels going up and down the isles, searching, looking, comparing things without feeling the urge to rush through it all because someone is poking someone else.

However I found that not having them there meant that we took twice as long to get out, plus we ended up forgetting things. I guess the kids kept us organized! On the car ride home, I broke into a box of cupcakes and endulged. It was a great way to end out time alone! 

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