January 8, 2013


During the weekend I got to play Dr. Wife to my sick husband who has the flu, just like the rest of North America, am I right? It was actually fun to wait on him while juggling everything else in the house; being the 1940's wife for once because goodness know, I'm not always like that. 

"Do you want me to put a dvd in?" I asked. (we don't get cable in our bedroom)

"No.." He groans. 

"I can get your tablet!" I suggested

"No.." He audibly mumbles

"Okay Pup," I kiss him on the forehead and leave him in peace.

Everything was fine up until I noticed one of the boys started to feel warm and started talking all funny. Then the other one started to feel warm and began talking all funny. Oh no! I thought. The last thing I wanted was for them to get sick so on Sunday Joshua spent a good portion of his time in his room drinking soup, eating crackers and guzzling down as much juice as he could take. Lucas anchored himself to my lap wanting nothing more that for me to cradle him in my arms...so sweet huh?

Today Aaron was healthy enough to go back to work but Lucas still had a fever so we kept them home which means I had to miss work today. I hate having to miss work because I actually love to go, but at the same time I would have hated to risk sending Lucas to daycare or leave him with a babysitter. When they are sick I'm sure all they want is their parents and all we want is to be there for them.

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  1. Awh, I hope they all feel better!!! and I hope you got some rest as well.