December 27, 2013


How was your Christmas?

Ours was rather eventful, but lovely.

It saddens me to take down our tree and to pack away all of our decor so I, along with most people I'm sure, will wait until new years day to part with the holiday season.

Last week we had this huge ice storm. We lost power for a good portion of the weekend. It was dreadful considering I had just discovered the joys of Netflix. Luckily my mom was in town staying with my Aunt who still had her power, so the guys and I spent all day Saturday there. The boys spent the night seeing that we were without heat and it was freezing cold outside. Aaron and I toughed it out and went back home. We were dressed from head to toe then climbed into bed and "slept like bears" as I put it (sleeping snuggled up). Luckily we regained power around 4am on Sunday morning. Some people are still without power. I cannot imagine how they are handling this in the dead of winter.

The storm was awful but it did make for a beautiful scene!

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