December 21, 2013


I can't blame everything on getting a record player but it would seem extremely coincidental that upon the arrival of this new device, the following things started to happen:

The television gets turned off a lot more
Cleaning has become more fun
I started reading more
I actually take time to listen to music all the way through an album

I love listening to old records. The pops and crackles are charming. While at work, I think about carving out a small section of time during my night, after the kids are in bed, to listen to Cat Stevens or Willie Nelson. It helps to have a lit Christmas tree and the fire place station playing on the television...makes up for not having real fire place! So I turn the television off (kinda) and listen to music while either reading a book or surfing the internet. Because I can't bother to get up and cue up a new song every single time, I get to enjoy listening to a full album. Calming and soothing.

I am enjoying that nostalgia and the slowing down of life.

Christmas is coming soon, I want the next 4 days to slow down too.

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