December 31, 2013


Last year my word for the year was “learn” and as 2013 concludes it is only appropriate to reflect on some of the things I have learned. 

I learned that having matching plates is extremely important when trying to obtain some sense of adulthood. (Here) Now I have 6 matching dinner plates, saucers, and bowls. Don't get me wrong, I am totally into mixing it up so that not everything is matchy-matchy, however the pictures above does not reflect that lol. 

I learned how easy it was to eat vegetarian for a week. In fact many of these recipes (here & here) have become household favourites.

I learned that doing something as simple as tossing rocks into a great lake can become one of our most cherished memories. 

I learned that you can have it all  but you might not have it all at the same time.

I learned that it’s okay for me to need my husband. I have always been a super independent, forward thinking kind of gal who thought that the idea of a woman needing a man to be outdated. It is true in a sense. Women shouldn't need A man or men in their lives but when you find the right one, the one that you create a life with, there is nothing wrong with needing his comfort and support. I need this from my husband along with a whole list of other things. Admitting this doesn't make me any less of a woman. 

I learned that completing my bachelors degree is super important.

I also learned that slowing down is the antidote for a hectic life and it makes for a calmer life.
What’s in store for 2014? Will I make resolutions or have another word to live by? I’m over making resolution. All I want and all I have ever wanted for myself and my family is to be the best that I/we can be. I think that will do.  


  1. YES to slowing down!! Amen, that is actually what we learned in 2013 too!

  2. Hi, found you via Happy Kids blog hop! Now following!
    Amen to needing... it keeps us humble, and connected... which keeps us close and that is so not a bad thing!
    Nice meeting you!