November 4, 2013


I had contemplated titling this post “So long October!” but that didn't seem as positive as it would be to welcome the new month. The holidays are right around the corner and I am practically sitting on my hands, stopping myself from dragging out my decorations. To get me through the next few weeks I would like to focus on the month we are in. I want November to own its place in the year and I wish to centralize it around family, because that would be a fantastic introduction for what is to come. Thank you Elizabeth for inspiring this post.

Here are my goals for the month of November:

Put pictures in my frames & get new photo’s developed.
Learn to cook something new.
Teach Joshua how to prepare cereal in the morning.
Get Joshua a wallet and have him be responsible for his own allowance
Tell my husband “Thank you every day” for the little things that mean a lot.
Have family movie nights with popcorn and hot chocolate.
Finish reading The Night Circus (I’ve been busy with school)
Have a great time in New Jersey (going for thanksgiving).
Decided on whether or not we will try for baby #3


  1. I love this post! And I have some similarities for the month on November myself. Except for my oldest is only 3, soon-to-be 4, so no wallet or allowance for him, haha.

    1. My youngest is 3 and because his brother is getting a wallet he wants one too, so we might get him a coin purse and put small change in there so that he feel like a big boy lol

  2. Visiting you from the link up and am following! We're also trying to decide on #3. We had twins 13 months ago and I'm really having baby fever! And of course, to tell the hubby thank you. I think sometime mine doesn't always know we're thankful for all the hard work he does to provide for us. Good reminder!

    1. #3 is so hard! I sure that is the hardest number to decide on lol