August 21, 2013


As a mother of a soon to be 1st grader, I am not well versed in the ways of Back-to-school shopping. My first day of school etiquette could use a little help as I have no idea what school supplies Joshua would need. I did know, however, that there would be 3 main things my little guy would need, so I figured I would start there.

The Backpack

Truthfully, Joshua did not need a new backpack as the one he had from Kindergarten worked just fine and still looked pretty new even though he used it everyday. Purchasing a new backpack as part of the B2S ritual is sort of a right of passage.  After work the four of us stopped into our local Winners (similar to TJ Maxx). We selected a few backpacks that we like then let Joshua select the one he wanted. We ended up with this black and red Converse Backpack which are Joshua's two favourite colors.

Before committing to it, I stuffed a large lunch box it in and made sure there was still enough room for notebooks, a pencil case and his water bottle. We also had him try it on to make sure It wasn't too small or too big.

Lunch Bag

I know that I haven't had chance to test this product out but I do have a lunch bag of the same material myself made by the same company. I love the feel and style of this bag (the piping is more bright in person that the picture displays). When it comes to design, boys are usually limited to vehicals and sports so I was please to find that Target had many other options. Joshua loved the monster theme! I love that the material is stretchy especially since at the time of purchase I did not have his lunch container so I required a bag that would accommodate different shapes and sizes. I also love that when empty, it colapse to less than and inch in thickness. Talk about easy storage! If you have kids that can be a little messy do not fret, you can toss this into the washing mashine and let it hang dry. Being that it's made of bodysuit material it will dry in no time.

Lunch Container

Obsessed. That is the word I use to describe the love of lunch containers and packing lunches. Finding "the right one" has been difficult to say the least. Poor Aaron thinks that I've completed my search only to be blindsided with yet another lunch container purchase! Husband better deal with it! This is his life now...

Container #1: This is a Rubbermade brand that I purchases at Walmart. It comes with two interchangeable compartments, so depending on my mood and Joshua's lunch I can add or remove them with ease. Why was I not satisfied? Well I dont like the idea of a lot of small pieces, especially with a 6 year old who is just learning to be responsible for his thing outside of the home. I have decided to keep this container though as a backup.

Container #2:  The brand is Fit & Fresh and until yesterday I had never heard of them. I found this at Winners the same time we got his backpack. I must say that I love the colours. The lid is easy to remove and even thought it's a different shape, it fit perfectly into Joshua's lunch bag. The container consists of three compartments all together. The top tray is removable but unlike #1, there is only one removable part rather than two.

So does that mean I am finished with my Lunch Container hunt?! Not a fat chance! I did some more research into Fit & Fresh and found the Container #3, the one that I had wanted all along and to make matters worse for my container addiction, they are super affordable. A certain someone may decide to make an online purchase...we'll see ;)


Lunch Bag
Container 1
Containers 2 & 3

How is your back to school shopping going?

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