August 17, 2013


Excited about: There are a few things that are making my heart flutter with excitement. I could devote an entire blog post to the lengthy list but in the efforts of not becoming long winded I will keep it short. Back-to-School! My first baby is going into the 1st grade and I will admit that it is bitter sweet. It makes me sad to think of the day the when I won't be able to hold him in my lap and cuddle him and kiss him. I know those days are miles away. I know that the best thing to do is to hold on to those moments and cherish them, live in them. This is why I am living for school supplies, backpacks, packing lunches and new school clothes.

Hating: I've gotten into a major funk about a few things. I honestly don't remember a single time in my life where I lacked such confidence. Was it when I was 12 year's old wear those big round speckled framed glasses, when I wore no makeup, had bad teeth and weight 80 pounds soaking wet? No. Back then I thought that I could seriously wed Leonardo Dicaprio if I ever met me. Was it when I was 14 and had braces, glasses and wore flared jeans that were two sizes too big? Nah...then I loved my braces because lucky for me everyone had them who needed them and a lot of kids that I went to school with did. Now that I am out of middles school, high school, braces and glasses (well, when I want to be) I feel so down. One good thing about myself is that I always make an effort to improve so I will be getting my act in gear and start this road to self renewal!

Listening to: Recently I have started this love affair with instrumental piano music (my husbands doing I swear). I find it so calming to write to or to have as background music while I cook dinners. It mellows me out. In addition I cannot get the song Cruise by Florida Georgia Line out of my head! I've been humming the tune without even realizing it now, not until I am half way though "..In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit, would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it.." catchy, huh?!

Drinking: I've got a bottle of Coor's Light, light means low calories right? hmm, I'll have to check that. What I love about beer is the way the icy coldness feels on the back of your throat. It's the weekend, and I've had a long week and right now we only have beer, tequila and banana liquor. Last week Aaron and I drank too much tequila so I'm scared of that stuff right it is!

Quoting: Thomas A. Edison - "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

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