August 11, 2013


After an entire summer of Aaron working weekends, he was finally give his second Sunday off! We took full advantage of our day. When we started out we had no preconceived plans, just a car and hope; hope that a beautiful day was ahead of us. We got in the car and started driving east on the highway. We drove, not knowing where exactly were were going, just the general directions. We drove around for a while until we drove past a sign reading "Bowmanvill Zoo." Done! We decided to check it out! The boys had a blast and us grown ups did as well. What I did love about the zoo was that it was small! No miles and miles of land separating one exhibit from the next. No large hills to climb, no annoying crowds, just a few people who much like us wanted to take their kids out of a Sunday afternoon.


  1. What a PERFECT day! I'm so glad you all got to enjoy it together!
    It's been years since I've been to the zoo and now that I have a baby? I'm dying to take her to one, ha!

    1. You should! Try a small zoo if you're afraid she might not like it. I loved this zoo because there was no large crowd, getting around was easy, i could have the boys walk far ahead of me and not worry that they might get lost..or snatched lol