September 6, 2013


1. Mini pita stuffed with chicken salad | Grapes & blackberries | Cheese
I love the mini pita idea. It is literally a two bit "sandwich" with no mess because it never falls apart! It's easy to eat especially for those with little hands.

2. Whole grain flax seed crackers | Cold cooked and sliced pepperoni | Cheese | Cucumbers and Tomatoes with salt and pepper 

3. Mini croissant sandwich with turkey and cheese (buttered) | Celery & tomatoes |Orange slices
Again, anything small for kids is super easy to eat and pretty fun. When slices the croissant, I didn't go all the way through (like a hotdog bun) so that it would hold everything in. Joshua loves to move around, toss him back pack and so forth so I want to make sure that if his lunch bag gets turned on it's side that his food will not deconstruct itself.

4. Whole grain wrap with turkey, cheese and red peppers | Grapes | dried apricots.
I put his wrap in tin foil only at ends to that he can pick it up and eat it with ease, avoiding parts from falling out of the bottom.

School started on Tuesday so that means I only had to pack 4 Lunches for Joshua. To save myself the hassle in the morning, I pack everything up the night before. Having a container with separate compartment prevents the juicy fruits from getting anything else soggy. I give him plain water to drink but from time to time I might put of a few shots of coconut water in to give it a healthy flavor.


  1. I'm loving the look of these healthy school lunches! Perfectly balanced and tasty!

    1. Thank you! I end up packing the same thing for my own lunch at work lol