September 3, 2013


The first day of the 1st grade.

Yea, that happened today.

I got to live out my lunch packing dream by preparing Joshua something the night before so that all I had to do this morning was to open the refrigerator, pull out his packed lunch bag and put it into his backpack. Done! I will go into more detail on Friday about what I backed him for the week.

He was eager to go to bed last night! Starting at around noon on Monday he kept asking "is it bedtime yet?" At which point we had to explain how many hours where left until bedtime, then we had to explain the concept of "hours" and the concept of "time" and why we needed time. *sigh*

This morning he was so excited to start his day. I felt a range of emotions. Happy, sad, excited, scared, anxious, nervous, proud, then sad again. At work people kept asking me what the matter was, I told them I was tired, which was true considering I didn't go to sleep until 2am this morning. Really I kept wondering about Joshua's day, looking at the clock and saying to myself he's already had lunch, I wonder how that went!?...He's had recess, I wonder how that went!!?

Everything went well according to Joshua! He ate all his lunch, his teacher told him that he was a good student, he made a friend and he had girl chasing him because they wanted to play with him but he wasn't up for know, cooties and all. 

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