September 20, 2013


Lets take a moment and say goodbye to pictures like these for a while!...goodbye!

The Night Circus. I wish I had more hours in the day to put to reading this book because so far it's been a delight! I feel bad as I have not gotten very far and considering that I am going back to school, Im not sure how long it will take me to finish this. I love how it's written, the language; not too wordy yet the author's use of the vinacular is smooth and intellegent.

How I JUST started watching Married to Jones is beyond me considering I am a sucker for reality television. I just adore Danielle, she's so sweet.

A few of my fall shows are coming back! Parenthood, Once Upon a Time and Walking Dead. The Parenthood is a such a true depiction of family and it makes me all walk inside when I watch it. I love that Once Upon a Time left off in Neverland and I am so excited to see the new host of characters that they introduce us to this season. If you follow Ginnifer Goodwin on Instagram you may have seen the latest teaser pics for the up coming season. I think there will be a new character SWIMMING around if you catch my drift *wink*. As for The Walking Dead, I am not sure how I felt about last season's finale but Rick is just too damn sexy for words even if he's going nuts, so whatever lol.

I'm pondering whether or not "currently" posts are supposed to be as long as I'm making this one.
Whether or not I think there is a point to giving someone under the age of 8 homework. 

On the short term there are a few things. Firstly I am looking forward to our upcoming trip to the farm this weekend! You have no idea how hard it was for me to hold off going ever since September began, I assure you, it's been hard! Now, going to the farm has always been something that our family has done but I wanted to start a new tradition. The first weekend closest to the actual first day of fall, we will go to the farm and shop at the farmers market then return home to make a nice dinner using the things we bought as our way to kick off fall.

Next month is my High School Reunion! 10 years seems like no time at all when you add Myspace (remember that?!) then Facebook, instragram and all that other social media stalking devices to the mix. There are certain people that I can't wait to see but Im not sure if I'm so much looking to reconnect but just to feel the high school nostalgia again. I'm inlove with the idea that our class has opted out of the the banquet hall and white table linens and decided to go for something a little more Jersey, a rented out bar I might add, with live entertainment and food.

If you have ever taken the drive from Ontario to New Jersey cutting through the mountains, that alone is something to look forward to. This trip we are taking without the boy, as we will only be in New Jersey for 2 days. We are going back for American Thanksgiving anyways (another thing I'm anticipating) with the boys anyways. No sense dragging them all that way for such a short time.

I am desperate for any tips on how to help my 6 year old build his motivation to do his homework and to do it without a fight. He's very smart but he's 6 so he wants everything to be fun and I have no idea how to make reading comprehension fun! Any tips?

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